Photography Tuition Courses – Worth their weight in Gold!

There are lots of photography courses and classes you can take, but you must choose carefully when making the decision regarding what is relevant to you. You must decide if what you want to know about is just photography in general, or just how to use your own camera. I decided I needed a bit of help with both, so when I saw a tuition course conducted by Professional Photographer Extraordinaire (in my humble opinion),  Mr. Neil Danton a while back, I marked it in my diary to attend.  Another great excuse to visit Cork!

Neil’s tuition courses are in two formats, you can choose between either 2 x 3 hour sessions, or a 1 x 6 hour one day course for “out of towners” like me, or those who want to complete it in one session.

So much to get through in one day, but, undaunted, and, with a willingness to learn, I took myself off to Neil’s Studio in Cork for a week-end with an open mind, notebook and pen, and a fully charged camera!

When you learn from someone who isn’t there to give you anything other than a shared knowledge, and whose career spans all aspects of photography, it is very refreshing. Parts of Neil’s course were difficult for me as a “non technical” person, but I persevered.  Other parts stood out like “light-bulb” moments, and I just understood exactly what Neil was explaining to us.

The tuition content is set out in detail on Neil’s blog, and if there are more courses, which I know there will be,  I would highly recommend attendance, if you are in a position to do so.

Having spent the day in the lovely company of other students, and a great tutor, I came away with renewed ideas, and help with thinking outside the box.

My grateful thanks to Neil, for showing patience and grace under pressure with a novice like me!

I have spent the intervening weeks since attending this course, practising various techniques, and will continue to do so, in my own particular style.

I took the following shot (with permission) on a recent private visit to MacNean House and Restaurant, Blacklion, Co. Cavan.  I was really pleased with how it turned out, and took many more, but that one was my favourite!

Canapé Selection, MacNean House & Restaurant, Blacklion, Co. Cavan

Disclaimer:  The course I attended was paid for in full by me.  This blog post was not requested, and written at my discretion.  


4 thoughts on “Photography Tuition Courses – Worth their weight in Gold!

    • Thank you Val. It’s those photos where I have no control over light, etc., that I had to have help with, re. settings etc., It’s all very well “setting up” at home, but, out and about it’s different story. Neil is doing more in this month, well worth a trip 😉

  1. I’m happy enough at the moment but there is a local photographer I’d like to do a course with. The timing of the last one just didn’t suit me.

    • Well, I hope you do get the course with the person in your area. No one around here offering same, only night classes, which go on for weeks. I’m too impatient for those.


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