Highlights from Bloom 2013 – Phoenix Park, Dublin (Part 2)

The Postcard gardens were also very much worth a visit at Bloom.  These consisted of five 2m x 3m plots, designed by Garden Clubs and Societies from around the country, which encapsulated the ethos of their particular group.

The Community Garden Network garden was designed by Sandra Austin, Yarnbombing by Roisin Markham and Transition Year Students, Loreto School, Navan, from pieces contributed by community gardeners and friends from around Ireland, and Willow Weaving is by John O’Donoghue.

I decided to concentrate on this garden, as  I “know” one of the organisers, Ms. Dee Sewell, (Greenside Up) from Twitter and Facebook.

"Yarnbombed" Garden Fork

Garden implements and components were “yarnbombed”.  Each piece of knitting is unique, which is representative of the member gardens.

Details of Community Garden Network's Garden

Yarnbombed Watering Can

Coldframe made using wood offcuts and plastic bottles

A cold frame made from wood offcuts and plastic bottles represents the inventiveness of community gardeners, often working with limited resources.

Yarnbombed Tree, Dee Sewell & Sandra Austin being intereview for The Sod Show

Ms. Sewell (left) and Ms. Austin (middle front)  being interviewed by Peter Donegan (right)  with David Corscadden (middle back) for DublinCityFM’s  “The Sod Show”.

Disclaimer: The Gardens and Products featured either here, or in future Blog-posts relating to Bloom 2013, were not asked for, nor sponsored.  All photographs are my own, and the decision to include and publish was made at my discretion.


6 thoughts on “Highlights from Bloom 2013 – Phoenix Park, Dublin (Part 2)

  1. It was lovely to see you Colette (even though I didn’t realise!!!) love your post on the garden, the pictures are great as know just how difficult it was to capture the essence of it, which I think you’ve done beautifully! Thank you x


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