Landscape Series

The Primroses from “Floral Series – Yellows” can just about be seen at the base of the majestic tree on the left of the image.  This tree caught my eye, on a bend in a quiet back road, near Bellewstown Hill.  It was there, on closer inspection, I found the primroses.

Stone Bridge, Kilsharvan, Co. Meath

This bridge looks as if it belongs in Connemara!  It reminded me of the bridge in a scene from the film “The Quiet Man”.  It is, in fact, a stone bridge, over the River Nanny, at Kilsharvan, Co. Meath.


This structure is intriguing, as it looks as if there is a tributary of another river running in to join the River Nanny.  As a result, it has created a small “waterfall” effect.