Landscape Series

The Primroses from “Floral Series – Yellows” can just about be seen at the base of the majestic tree on the left of the image.  This tree caught my eye, on a bend in a quiet back road, near Bellewstown Hill.  It was there, on closer inspection, I found the primroses.

Stone Bridge, Kilsharvan, Co. Meath

This bridge looks as if it belongs in Connemara!  It reminded me of the bridge in a scene from the film “The Quiet Man”.  It is, in fact, a stone bridge, over the River Nanny, at Kilsharvan, Co. Meath.


This structure is intriguing, as it looks as if there is a tributary of another river running in to join the River Nanny.  As a result, it has created a small “waterfall” effect.


2 thoughts on “Landscape Series

  1. How I adore this post! It brings me right back to time spent with my grandmother on her farm near Duleek. The Nanny flowed through the farm and we used to go fishing there with sticks and string! My mother had an absolute passion for primroses and Bellewstown. So you hit me right in the heart in a lovely way.

    • What a wonderful comment, thank you so much I didn’t know you knew this area at all. I hope I’ve helped to bring back some great memories. My Husband is the Meath person in our relationship, knows all back roads, high-ways and bye-ways around East Meath.


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